Nice spot …


This photo shows off the beautiful coastline my town is situated on. It’s a beautiful spot, but it always surprises me how little we use it, especially since we are trying to save money. Here we have this beautiful free spot to go where the sun always shines and it’s virtual paradise, but my hubby and I seem to stay indoors all the time (on the plus side, it’s weather like this that keeps our yearly clothing budget down! 🙂 ). A lot of our homebody existence has to do with my rigorous study timetable, but a fair bit is pure bad habit too. If you want to keep living life but are trying to save money, make a list of how many free or cheap places there are nearby. Those with kids might even find this easier, as they’ll love free museums, swimming holes or even the local park.  You may even be surprised how much fun you can have on the cheap!


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