Frustration sets in


Well, I was going quite well yesterday, feeling I could wait out this `save for a deposit’ thing quite nicely. That was until I picked up the newspaper this morning to see the screaming page one headline: `Dizzying heights’. The report was saying how homes in my area had increased in value up to 41% (average 21%) in the past year, and that home prices were expected to increase at similar rates over the next 6 months. AAARGGH! Why didn’t I get serious about debt reduction a little sooner?

I am going to avoid newspapers for a while.

On the upside … oh who am I kidding there isn’t an upside really. There’s only a `get on with it’ side. We will keep plugging away on our savings and try to cope with the multigenerational situation we’re in. Don’t get me wrong, we are really lucky to be able to save while we live here with hubby’s dad. And of course, I’m sure there’s stuff my father-in-law hates about us being here (we moved in initially to care for him because he has bad knees and is developing age-related dementia). But generally speaking, I think he loves us being here, while we often feel the frantic need for some privacy. The reality is though, there are tradeoffs in every situation and this is ours.

I just maybe need to set debt repayment and saving on autopilot and try to move on with preparation for exams. The reality is that even if we found a place tomorrow, we would need to put so much time and effort into the move that I probably would put myself at risk of failing at uni. So, I will take a breath, try not to think about rising property prices and focus on the things I can do something about!



  1. Vicki M. said

    Are you kidding me? You are living with your father? My son moves back home with us for a contracted period of 90 days and then he is out of here! I would never live with my mother even if she was demented. And I scream for privacy when my son is between apartments. My hubby and I have agreed: this is the last time our 26 year old son will move in with us. But… your post was created in 2007 and I was looking for a picture of frustration (which you have) and Obama in now in office and the housing market has nose-dived. Maybe things look better to you now. Good luck.

  2. debtfretter said

    Hey Vicky!
    Yeah you are right, it can be tough on everyone. That picture is so relevant, isn’t it!
    Over here in Oz, the market has dropped a little, but not like over there is the US. In soe ways I hope it does drop, though obviously I don’t want friends and family to be in trouble.
    Thanks for reading!

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