Better today


Nesting, nesting … 

Well I’ve had a better day today, accepting that I can and will wait for our dream of home ownership. As part of that strategy (watchful waiting), we’ve decided to try to make our current home a bit more, well … homely. For a start, I’ve cleaned up my study room, removing all the excess junk and leaving only my coursework and currently relevant textbooks. Then I got out the TV wall bracket that we bought a few months ago, and started trying to figure out how to put it up. Having this done will mean there is a little more breathing room in our relatively small bedroom. I also put up the curtains that I bought months ago and figured out how to get the new hooks working on the curtain track (something I put off a few months ago due to utter frustration). I have to say it already looks more `liveable’. Now I am going to spend my small weekly allowance on a few touches to brighten it up. 

Hubby’s father-in-law is also getting a painter in because the paint is peeling from our walls, leaving ugly big patches of bare wall. I spoke to the painter about whether or not it would add to the cost to do something like a red feature wall behind the bed, and he said it would make no difference as the expense is in the wall preparation (mostly) and application of the paint. So when that is done I’ll take a photo to show you guys. I have to say that I’m sure we should be offering to paint the walls in the entryway and in the bedrooms ourselves as I hate that my father-in-law is paying someone to do it, but there is a LOT of preparation work and our lives are also ready so busy that I don’t think  I can add on an extra home project!

Otherwise, I fought off the urge to visit an open house today, though I did drive past after it was over (I’m only human!). But the need to move hasn’t been so strong. My mum actually asked me if I was confusing my need for my own home for what might really be my biological clock! I was surprised, but I could see what she was saying. My toddler is nearly two and a lot of people would be thinking about having another child. And also, she thought maybe that was why I was frantically `nesting’! Though there may be an element of truth in what she’s saying, I think it’s more about wanting our own space. Possibly the stress of final exams (which we have in our second last year of uni) is also a big factor in all of this. I’d love another baby but I am happy to wait till we are more settled before I worry about that.

Last night I found it helpful to focus on looking at how far we’ve come, instead of looking at how far we have to go. I made a list of everything we’d achieved in the past year financially. I also took the stupid things we did (like paying for a Pacific island holiday largely on credit) and looked at the advantages (we got the desire for overseas travel out of our systems for a while and can now focus wholly on financial responsibility!).

I’ll try to keep up the positive attitude over the coming weeks and months … I guess we’ll see how successful I am!


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