Game on!


Well I feel great today, even though I should feel terrible. One of the senior doctors warned us that it was now officially time to start stressing about exams. They’re still more than 16 weeks away, but since we pretty much have to have the knowledge base of a doctor now, 16 weeks actually doesn’t seem like much at all. However I’m feeling good because I managed to get through the day without being too obsessive about money, and this is probably a sign that things are returning to a more appropriate level of anxiety. I’ve been wondering if I’ve been focusing all my anxieties on money, to the point where I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I have been processing this debt thing for a while now though, so that now I am thinking of it more as something I can easily overcome. I am trying to picture myself as this amazingly strong person who can do anything and cope with any stress, and its helping on both the debt and study fronts.

I am going to try to keep up the study now so I will wrap up this post and figure out if I have anything useful to say tomorrow.

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