More money, more money

Our home deposit account got a little boost yesterday because my husband got his tax return cheque. In the end we agreed that we would use at least half of it to `live a little’ since we are on a very tight budget usually. By `live a little’, I mean he decided to take his boat out for the day (rare), get a little bit of extra fishing equipment (a couple of lures) and, most importantly, buy another pair of shoes and some durable casual and work clothing. He has been doing it perhaps even tougher than me, as I at least tend to plan out things I want to buy. Meanwhile he is never too sure what I’m doing with the money in the bank and is hesitant to make any purchases without telling me. Of course, he could always get more involved in our finances but it is not something he’s really into. I probably also like the fact that he lets me do things my way. Amazingly he got a real surprise when I showed him the balance of our home deposit account. He tended to think we were living on the edge because there’s always so little in his everyday account whenever he checks the balance! I think he is quite inspired now about what we could do in the future, and it’s nice to be in tune with each other about that.

Anyway, until the money is properly allotted, I decided to at least grab $180 of it to take our home deposit saving over the magic $1000 mark (he agreed it was a good idea). This is a happy medium for me, as I need to see some rapid change in this regard (give my deperation to change our home situation. And its good too because I agree he needs to dress relatively well now (and I’m glad to have a husband who wants to look good where and when we can afford it!). Then, if there’s any money left once he buys his clothes, well stick that in the home deposit account too, or pay a little extra off the credit card.


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