Mind on other things


Well, while I remain very focused on debt reduction and saving, I have been a lot more focused on house, home and uni this week. Hubby’s father -in-law is having some rooms painted, including ours, so I’ll take some photos when its done and post them on here.

I have also been realising how much I need to review before exams and freaking out slightly. However I had a win today: Doctors will often take a group of medical students to a patient on a ward for skills training. They might say something like `I’d like you to examine the patient’s cardiovascular system’.  And there’s a set way you approach this: examining the chest, listening to the heart and looking at other parts of the body too for important signs of heart disease (you’d be surprised – even your fingernails and spots on your eyes can tell tales on your body).

Well, today I  was asked to `examine the patient’s abdomen’ (comment on scars, try to feel any masses in their belly and generally detect what might be wrong with them).

Well I deduced that the patient had had a right-sided kidney transplant based on a few factors, including the scar pattern on her belly and the solid mass I could feel low on her right side. So I made my confident diagnosis.

Imagine my embarrassment when the doctor said the transplanted kidney was on the left side and not the right! I nearly died.

But then I felt her belly again and timidly worked up the courage to ask: “er, so what is this mass I can feel on the right side?”.

Then the patient piped up: `oh no, doctor, my transplant IS on the right side’.

So the doctor ended up apologising to me! Well, at least I wasn’t imagining things … I thought I might have diagnosed another problem there for a minute.

Anyway, I’ve updated my totals on the right and will move on to the looooong assignment I need to write tonight.



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