I’m back, baby!


Well, that is the worst flu I think I have had … awful. I was in bed for days at a time, and it’s not often my immune system takes a hiding like that!

Overall, I don’t have a lot to report this week, mostly because I spent the bulk of it in one room. But I can report that our home savings are starting to improve now (up to $1600 – still a long way to go but getting better by the week). It will be great next week when I can say we’ve nearly saved $2000. I’ve heard people say before that as you save, it seems to get easier and easier. I would have to agree that’s true. I also think thta as you get out of the habit of spending money on stuff you don’t need, that also gets easier (though I have to admit that not going to the stores helps a lot in this regard!).

We’ve had a bit of temptation this week, as our TV has been showing signs of `illness’. It has a problem where wavy lines descend upon the top half for half an hour or so at a time. This occurs whether on a channel or watching a DVD, so it is definitely a  TV problem and not a reception problem. Anyway, I know my husband was thinking about how great it would be to get a new TV, but in the end he was more determined than me not to touch our savings. I think he really wants us to start getting somewhere with our money. Needless to say I am stoked that we are on the same page about this.

And I have some more good news. I track our net worth (combined as a couple) at Networthiq.com. It’s currently a private profile, though eventually I may open it up for you guys to have a look at. Anyway, the fun thing is that we are about to cross the line from negative to positive net worth (the sum of our savings/assets will outweigh our debts).  Currently we are at (-$42). Now this may seem pretty sad to some, but to me it is great because it has improved from about (-$3500) at the start of June. More importantly, it represents a change in the way we are operating financially. It doesn’t matter how far we have to go till we can be comfortable. All that matters is that our financial position continues to improve each year, instead of going backwards like it has in the past (damn car loan!).


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