Chugging along …

Pay day again, and a little more off the credit card ($110), plus another $200 towards home saving. But silly me forgot to put my payslip in on time at my casual job this week, so we can’t pay our usual $100 off family debt or pay $100 down on my car loan (like we normally would). Both will have to wait till next week.

In the meantime, we have been investigating kit home options ourselves. Though we are probably 18 months away from buying, it’s fun to look at prices for kitchens and bathrooms now. It helps keep us sane living here because we can imagine our `brighter future’.

Looks like we could save between 20 and 40% on the price of a home by building ourselves. We are tossing up between building a home `for now’ or `for the long term’, which I guess is a common decision when anybody buys a house.

My husband is excited about the prospect of project managing such a build, and since he manages a lot of large projects quite regularly in his work, I think he would be very good at it. However, we would have to be super-organised, and he would have to take a couple of months off work to achieve it! Luckily he accrues holiday time very quickly and having a couple of months off on paid leave is probably quite possible.

Ah, the future looks bright, if a long way off!


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