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Being Frugal has replied to a question I posted about why she was planning to move her blog to her own domain. Because I am really too busy to even be doing a blog at all, I haven’t mastered the art of linking yet (and don’t really plan to start in the near future), so if you’d like to check this out, just click on the Being Frugal link in the Blogroll. If you haven’t checked out this blog already, it’s a fun read and well worth a look. And the post was very helpful!

On another point, Get Rich Slowly featured a guest post from a woman who discussed how her husband came to the relationship with about the same amount of debt as she had in savings. She decided not to pay  it off for him though, fearing that if it just got paid off, he’d never really realise why it was an issue to be high in debt. He made massive inroads though, and when they did marry, she started helping him pay it back. It got me thinking about us. Luckily, we both have the ability to give and take, and though I am much more focused on debt reduction, my husband doesn’t mind going with the flow. He is happy not to spend up, as long as he can go fishing occasionally (though this does end up being a bit pricey sometimes, I grin and bare it because it’s his only passion and he deserves to have some fun occasionally).

Also, because I hold the pursestrings (so to speak), I fully realise that I am able to `budget in’ a haircut and colour at the salon whenever I want, while he kind of has to `ask me’ if we can afford for him to have a day out on the water (though neither of us sees it as me giving him permission).  

It’s great if you can find a balance in your relationship. My husband has also come to realise that bad debt is a pain in the ass, and well worth getting rid of for good. He is enjoying us having a couple of grand in the bank for a change. I think he could get used to the idea! When our TV problem got even worse recently, it was him who suggested we should ride it out as we could not afford to buy a new one. A year ago we would have `afforded it’ with $20 in the bank and our credit card handy. Now he says we can’t afford it with $2000 in the bank … isn’t that great? 


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