Bumps in the road


While things are running pretty smoothly in the PF stakes for us at the moment, our debt repayment/savings schedule certainly isn’t perfect. And it’s time to readjust our budget to figure out why.

Basically I have noticed over the past month that we have been spending, saving and/or repaying more than we earn. How has that happened, I hear you ask? Well, you may remember that about a month ago we received a tax return cheque of about $800 for my husband. We decided to put that aside because his clothes were particularly poorly, and he needed to start looking a little more professional. I just left it in our general account, and watched that we didn’t eat into it too much. Then we got an extra $300 back when the govt sent us a cheque due to a late rebate. So I used that to put a little extra into savings but we should have had at least $800 left for clothes. Well that was the plan anyway.

Meanwhile,  this week we had a bit of added expense. A good (older) friend passed away, and though we couldn’t make it to the funeral for a range of reasons, we sent flowers. With delivery to the church in another town, these came to $72. Also, my son’s kindergarten photos were ready … and available at the highway robbery price of $34. However, some of the funds are going back to the kindy so I can accept it.  Finally, we have had some very high mobile phone charges stemming from hubby’s job. Only some of this will be reimbursed by his work.  

So anyway, this Saturday we spent $415 (Australian dollars, obviously) on some good clothes for my husband’s forthcoming conference. Sounds like a lot, I know, but this included a jacket that I think is very versatile and a good investment. I would have like to spend a bit more, to be honest, to get him a good pair of Colorado sandals (he wears them into the ground) and a couple more pairs of shorts. However, we didn’t and that was a good move.

We paid with the credit card and in the car I thought that when I got home I’d pay the money straight over from our savings account. I also knew I’d have to add about $100 on to pay for the flowers we sent and a couple of other little items we’d charged.

When I got home and logged on, I found I could easily cover the $515, but the other money left was only the money we SHOULD have had left from this normal pay week. In other words, we’ve over spent more than $250 (the remainder of the $800) over about 4 weeks.

I think I know how this happened … little extras here and there that we wouldn’t normally buy or do. And luckily it hasn’t mattered too much because I was determined not to misappropriate hubby’s tax return for savings or debt. I did want it to be fun money.

However, I can’t help but think we culd have had a little more fun on this $250 _ perhaps this little experiment into not planning what to do with our money was a mistake!

Anyway, I’ll adjust our budget a bit but otherwise, it’s time to tighten our belts! 


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