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So I guess I should clarify a few things that probably don’t make sense about yesterday’s post, some of which is info that is news to me.

The first is that my father-in-law never intended for us to repay the $3300. Well, that’s what he says now, anyway. Now that I think back I don’t think he ever said it was a loan, but that is definitely how we saw it. 

The second thing is that he doesn’t want to see us paying him back for that because he says we pay for the groceries etc at home, so he doesn’t need it. That argument doesn’t really work though because he pays for many of the utilities in the house. He counters with the fact we cook and clean around the house. We counter with the fact we are saving on rent by being there at all.

It is a nice thing to disagree on but we are still unsure how to react. $3300 is a lot of money to `forget about’.

I think we’ll have to leave it and have a think for a few days ….


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