Have I learnt my lesson?

OK, so we share the good and the bad stuff here, right?

I went shopping ….

… and I bought a few things ….

I’ll start by saying I only spent what we actually had available in `spare’ cash ie the remainder for the week’s salary (and the week is up). We had a little unexpected extra overtime … and I did initially intend to go shopping for clothes.

But here’s what I actually bought:

– A good work shirt $40 (about right, it’s linen)

– 2 sets of beads that both match the work shirt (not really essential) – $25

– some perfume (ckOne) – love it, love it, don’t really regret it – $40

– the really bad one … eyebrow wax and brow/lash tint … (i’m afraid to type it) … $43!!!!

In my defence, this last one was supposed to cost $16 but when I got in there and laid down, the beautician suggested I should get the tint done for ` a little extra’. I nearly died when I walked outside and she told me the price, but that’s what you get when you don’t ask up front. I was trying to pretend price doesn’t matter anymore. That was a wake-up call.

When I got home, I must admit I didn’t regret any of the purchases. I’ve been feeling a little lifeless and dull, and embarrassed about wearing the same work shirt every 3 days. I used to express myself wearing beads and earrings (nothing expensive) but now I go without. I feel like a boring version of me, staying home studying all the time, not expressing myself in anyway, not doing anything. Am I trying to `buy’ a more interesting life?

Of course,  I feel better about myself when I smell nice and look professional too, as most people do. But on balance, 3 of those 4 purchases weren’t really warranted … and I didn’t plan to go out and buy them.

So, in the wake of paying off our credit card, have I learnt my lesson?

For the most part, I still think so. I didn’t use the CC to make these purchases, and they came out of money we had in the bank.

Also, though some of these aren’t essentials, sometimes it is nice to remember you are a woman and that you do deserve something nice occasionally.

But I do think I will have to be very careful about my credit card behaviour for some time to come. Certainly, I intend to keep on leaving my CC at home … and perhaps ensuring I don’t get back in the habit of visiting the stores!



  1. Everybody slips once in a while, and you have looked at what you did and recognized where you went wrong (like not asking about the price of the tint first).

    I think it’s important not to cut the budget so much that we feel like we’re ALWAYS sacrificing. I think the beads were probably a good purchase. My guess is that you can use them with different outfits, and they make you feel special. $25 isn’t bad for that. 🙂

  2. debtfretter said

    I think you may be right, Lynnae. I do think I need to be very careful of `spending sprees’ like this one, but there are some positives: 1) a spending spree in the past would have amounted to a much greater damage bill; and 2) I can come back and consider how to do it next time. Plus I have the need to spend over with for a while again, and that has to be a good thing, right?
    Thanks for your feedback!

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