A little reflection

Well I’ve recovered from my spend-up and am ready to tackle debt reduction again. It’s payday again today, and in updating my totals in the sidebar on the right, it got me thinking: We have come so far in just a few short months (both economically and personally).

I update my NetWorth at NetWorthIQ too, and I was amazed to see today that our net worth is more than $10,000 better than it was in June. We have received quite a few payouts in this time, which means over the next few months our debt reduction will slow down drastically, but this is still an amazing motivator. I showed the figure to my husband who was mightily impressed (though he was a little disappointed to see our life’s work reduced to a relatively small number!). I told him that things would only get better from here … and they will.

 Also, as a couple I feel we have found a new level of cooperation. I think this has brought us closer together. I always try to find a way for my husband to get what he wants (and for me to get what I want, for that matter!), and I appreciate that he doesn’t pressure me to find more room in the budget for extras. This has also made us really think about what we want to purchase, instead of buying on a whim. While I didn’t originally think of this process as being frugal as such, we have gotten rid of so much stuff we don’t use, and we aren’t accumulating stuff like we were before. Our home looks tidier and roomier somehow.  And we seem to enjoy simpler meals without a lot of expensive extras. Cutting out the junk in our grocery bill might even be helping our waistlines.

While I’m in a reflective mood, this seems to be a good time to thank my loyal following of readers. I have seen (on Sitemeter) that though many of you are from the US, there are others in Israel, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as the UK (plus other places). Though I don’t have a huge following by any means, it is great of you guys to come back visiting regularly. I really appreciate the support. It keeps me posting and keeps me motivated, that’s for sure!

PS: I thought I’d also clarify for US and other overseas readers: as you probably know, our summer in Australia is December to January, so the work we will be doing for my father-in-law – in lieu of part of our debt – will be worked off from October-November. Some of you may have thought it was further away than it actually is!


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  1. It’s amazing how blogging motivates you to keep going, isn’t it? When I started blogging, I just wanted to chronicle what we were doing, and now all my readers hold me accountable! It’s great!

    It’s also strange to think that you’re heading into summer soon, while it’s just starting to get cold here in the U.S.!

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