I’m back!


CLICK ABOVE to see how quickly the CC companies try to reel you in again!

Well, I’ve had a huge few days so sorry I haven’t checked in for a while. I had a big project to finish and it took me literally 24 hours to finish (no sleep!), and then I slept for the next day or so to make up for it.

First item of business – click on the picture above to see the offer I got in the mail this week. There in the postbox was my statement with the paid-off credit card balance gleaming away at the top of the page … but then I saw another letter from the same company. And what do you know? Credit limit increase, anyone?

Well don’t worry, I only saved the statement so I could show you (sorry about the blacked out name of the CC company – I’m a bit cautious and you never know when you might slip up by giving away a little too much personal info!). Anyway, my husband and I laughed at how they’ll always give you money when you don’t really need it. But then as my hubby said, maybe that’s a good thing – better than offering it to you when you are at your limit and ready to get yourself in more trouble. However, it’s still a bit blatant that they would send it in the same batch of mail!

 This has been a pretty interesting week, though no real movements on the money front expected, even though it’s pay day tomorrow. I ended up missing work at my casual job on the weekend because of the amount of university work I had to finish, so our income will be a couple of hundred bucks under that expected. This, as well as the fact we need to do a few activities with our visiting guest – means I doubt we’ll make more than the minimum payment on our car this week. I am happy to have a slow week and not worry too much about it though. We cerrtainly won’t be going backwards so that’s all that matters.

In other news, I  have to confess that we finally bought a new TV out of the leftover funds from the government payment we received a while back. We used the rest to get our emergency fund up to $1000, so it wasn’t a total loss, and we managed to do without it for quite a while.

Otherwise there is not much to report. We had a huge bill for the 2-year outboard service for our boat – $550!!! – but we expected it and paid for it from our billpaying account. I hate paying out that kind of money for a non-essential item but I love that my husband has something he loves to do so much. Plus, sometimes we get free fish for tea … well it’s free when you don’t count the petrol, the boat service, the hooks and lures etc but you know what I mean!! 



  1. Congrats on getting your BEF fully funded and purchasing a new TV!

  2. debtfretter said

    Thanks JW, I just posted this so that was fast! I am very glad to hear how quickly you are paying down your debt too. I think you are amazing to work so hard and still make time to blog. Great job!

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