It had to happen

Well, we spent up pretty badly this week and this, combined with the fact I didn’t work at my casual job last week, means we went backwards this week (financially) for the first time since I’ve had this blog.

Strangely enough, I don’t feel too bad about it.

Basically, we had $400 left in our home deposit account after paying out the family debt, and we have basically spent that $400 on extra grocery expenses, dining out and wine this week, while entertaining our interstate visitor.

I honestly can’t believe that when I think about it.

There has been:

$50 on groceries + $45 on wine on the day my friend arrived (this grocery bill is aside from the `real’ groceries my husband shopped for on Friday).

$70 on takeaway and $20 on wine Friday night.

$120 on meals at an Indian restaurant and $35 in drinks Saturday night.

And I guess a bit here and there on incidental items.

We certainly didn’t hold back, did we?

While I feel a bit irresponsible, it was nice to really celebrate seeing my friend, and since it was really my turn to go and visit her (she’s visited me for the past 2 years straight), I got out of it a bit lightly in terms of plane fares and the like. It also allowed us to go out and try some of the restaurants and bars that we never usually visit, which made a nice change and reminded us that we were human!

However, our eyes are back on the prize now. We are tightening our belts and counting down the rest of the year.

Now that our EF is funded and our credit card and family debt is paid off, the goal is to accumulate a deposit or pay off the car (we haven’t decided which).

Basically, whether we save for a home or pay off the car, I’d like to see a $10,000 turnaround in our financial position between now and New Year. In terms of our budget, I’ve probably allocated for a $6000 turnaround, so that other $4000 is going to have to come out of thin air. However, I have faith that it will come from somewhere!

I have to admit too, my husband was feeling badly about our financial position and a bit like he wasn’t providing enough for us after he saw the state of our accounts this afternoon, but when I told him we stilll owed nothing on the credit card and had $1000 in our EF, he shook his head and told me `I don’t know how you do it’, which made me feel great. And he said he’d like to add a bit more to our EF. He is honestly like a new man. We were also talking a bit, because I’d said I really wanted to move out of here. I said: `Sometimes I just feel like I want to go, even if it’s not the best financial decision’.

Do you know what he said? `Yeah but I’ve been doing that my whole life and look where it’s got me.’

He really is realising why being debt-free is worth the effort. 

So here’s to a better week this week!


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