We could be doing so much better

I have to say that I’ve been trying to keep track of my little `day to day spending’ and I’ve figured out that it’s terrible!

I realised I was spending $9-$12 a day on `stuff’ – thats $80 or so a week! I don’t have that kind of  money to throw around!

I was buying:

– lunch and a drink at the hosital: OK so food is necessary but usually I have a leftover meal sitting at home when I do this. At the very least I could buy the drink only at $2.50.

– a pack of mints or fruit lollies – nearly $2 more

– a gossip magazine: this is usually when I am in a procrastinating space – this is bad for my study habits and my budget

– alcohol: again, not good for study. This is usually a weekend thing only but with all the rugby league and AFL football finals in the past month, alcohol has made a dent in our budget. Luckily this has cut down to zero for the next month or two.

I know there’s a bunch of other things and while I recognise everybody needs some fun money, I could be using that to get my hair done or buy some new clothes. I am going to make an effort to switch to leftovers, cut out my sweet tooth and avoid a beer (or wine) belly until December! Bring on Christmas!

 On another note, you’ll be glad to hear that we have commenced work on my father-in-law’s garden. My hubby spent the past two weekends and a few rostered days off to prep the garden for the landscaping. He also did the big biannual mulching, replanting, weeding and cropping effort. Already the garden is looking so much better, and hubby’s dad is already very pleased. It will be great when we are done and I am able to take off the `qualifying statement’ that I have left on the family debt label (on the right).


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