A little bit of luxury

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take advantage of a luxury facial that my husband bought for me months ago for my birthday. It was in a ritzy day spa (aah, paid for back in the days before financial responsibility). I hadn’t had the chance to use the voucher until now though, and in fact I was lucky that they didn’t stick to their policy of not honouring them after six months! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to use it at all!

Anyway, it was great, and as I sipped my ultra-chic (herbal) tea afterwards, listened to the (very short) product `information’ spiel and perused the price list (yowza!), I felt quite conflicted. I wanted to think that everything the beautician told me about skin care was just a sales spin, but I had to admit that a lot of what she was saying was right. While she was talking generally, I’m well aware my skin is very dry (and, I might add, a bit spotty) and I know I need to implement at least some kind of skin care regime soon. I wanted to think the facial was fun while it lasted but that my skin would look no different when I woke up this morning, by which time the expensive lotions would have worn off.

No such luck. My skin looks fantastic today … even if I do say so myself. It looks plump and has a nice sheen to it, with few if any bumps in sight. I was almost glum when my husband – who barely registered yesterday that I’d actually finally been to the day spa – made a comment about how fresh my skin looked this morning, after which he asked me what had changed! Of course, it’s great to get compliments from my husband – in fact, I’m lucky enough to get them often- but not when it’s a direct result of something I’m not going to be able to keep doing!

 So I am wondering … again … what’s the difference between being frugal and being cheap? Is a skincare regime something every woman should work into her budget (so long as the essentials are being met, of course). I don’t mean getting expensive facials, or even buying the relatively pricey products at that particular place. I just mean paying for a cut and colour occasionally, and some basic cleansers and moisturisers from the supermarket etc.

We are currently putting $430 a week towards debt. Should I allocate a certain amount from our weekly budget to keep up with hair care, skin care etc? I’m not what I would call a `girly’ girl, but I do like to look good as much as the next woman. When does debt repayment beat out spending money on yourself? I’m thinking that rather than alter my debt repayment amount (which would kill me), I should focus any `snowflaking’ efforts and extra income towards a grooming envelope. I can probably use some of my weekly fun money towards this too. It’s going to be at least six months till I pay off the car at this rate, so I don’t want to look like a hag till then!


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