The price of being `eccentric’

I’m very bad at losing things. Or, put another way, I’m very good at it! So far this year I’ve somehow lost two textbooks and a stethoscope. Total value? At least $400. I also lose eye glasses, earrings, keys and lipsticks (to name just a few items) all the time. The cost of this, when you add it up, is not to be sneezed at. Yet somehow this is one of my big failings.

It drives my husband insane. He calls it `eccentric’ but at other times it really upsets him. You can imagine how stressful it would be to go on a trip with someone like me. I’ve mentioned before how I left my wallet on a bus during an overseas trip moments after we’d sorted out another financial crisis, and all the money we’d just obtained was in that wallet! When I went on to a conference about a month ago – just for the day but requiring a 90-minute flight to our state capital and back – he asked me repeatedly if I had everything. After he kissed me goodbye (and after I’d cleared security) I found I had no wallet in my handbag, meaning no money … not even for the train ride into the city at the other end (I raced out and found him in time luckily!).

I used to just think this habit was annoying but only recently did I realise how much it is costing us. I really need to think about valuing my things more highly, and not allowing my `eccentricity’ to cost us so much in real dollars.


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