All quiet on the financial front

Not a lot to report at present. We have got our one and only debt repayment on autopilot and our current focus is to build up our billpaying account as we have a lot of car repairs/tune-ups to get done. There is currently $700 or so in there (we add $235 a week) and it pays all monthly bills, plus Christmas, clothing and health costs (prescriptions etc)l insurances etc.

Anyway, we have to get new front tyres for one vehicle, my husband’s car airconditioning is sounding a bit sick, and I am pretty sure the brake pads on mine are wearing out. My dad has always said that owning a car is the biggest impediment to keeping your money, and he’s right. But of course, the independence that having your own car brings makes it so popular, especially in parts of the country where public transport is virtually non-existent.

So I continue to study for exams and hope for the best. I find myself thinking about money all the time, and I don’t think it’s healthy. But I have learnt to deal with it by keeping a notebook nearby and jotting my thoughts on finance down quickly so I can deal with them later, then going back to my studies. It’ll cost me a lot more than I can save if I have to repeat the year because I didn’t study enough!

I can also report that our gardening efforts are continuing and we are well on our way to having paid off the labour component to the family debt. It’s all looking great as we enjoy late Spring here in Australia.


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