So Sick of Debt on hiatus


Well, it’s two weeks to the day until my first exam and with that timing comes a big decision. So Sick of Debt will be taking a break for just over two weeks – until November 29, to be exact. It’s the only way I can study seriously for my finals and not get sidetracked on PF sites (and thinking of something to write).

When SSoD returns (and don’t worry, it will!), it might have a new look and it will progress to better links, participation in carnivals and generally broader discussion (moving on to topics other than me).

I have to say I’ve loved blogging for the past six months or so, and am looking forward to making SSoD better than ever!

Please stop by in December to see how things are progressing for me. I am banning myself from PF sites until exams are over, so I’ll be very keen to hear how everyone is going when I get back online.



  1. JvW said

    Good luck with all your exams! I know what you mean with getting sidetracked on pf sites. Looking forward to your return.

  2. Best wishes on your exams! I’ll keep you in my feedreader, so I won’t miss anything when you come back!

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