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Hi everybody and welcome back to So Sick of Debt. I had an extended period away from the keyboard, partly because my exams left me so emotionally and physically bereft that I couldn’t possibly blog about any other part of my life. While I can’t say for certain that I passed everything just yet, I can say that the early indications are good and that I’m feeling pretty free right now.

However, I can’t say that my finances are in any kind of good state right now. I have pretty much ignored my accounts for almost three weeks and while the vital bills have been paid, I have not been working at my part-time job and we have put no extra money into savings or extra loan repayments in this time. I can accept this, though, as I kind of had to have a one-track mind to reduce the possibility of having to repeat the whole year of my course (which clearly would have had a huge impact on my income in the future).

Also, we have bought more than a few takeaway dinners over these past few weeks and have also had my son’s second birthday to pay for (even though it wasn’t too costly – in fact, it was quite a low-key affair).

In the coming days I will assess the damage and try to put things right again in time for Christmas. Hopefully my mood will improve from the morbid state it has been in (as I await results) and I can set my mind to family and the festive season.

I shall update you when I know more…!


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  1. JvW said

    Good to have you back!

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