Christmas without debt … sooo nice

Well, I just finished my shopping and we managed to spend $650 on Christmas, including food. And I don’t feel like we scrimped AT ALL. Some readers may remember that we had allocated $1000 for Christmas this year. Well, part of the reason it was even that much was because we usually spoil each other a bit at Christmas to make up for our efforts to scrimp and pay off debt through the year. This year we decided we’d had a pretty nice year as it was, and we’d prefer to get each other smaller gifts. Our approach has allowed us to pay for Christmas without creating debt (I used the credit card to pay for things but paid the amounts back online when I got home from each shopping trip).

This approach also meant that today I was able to transfer $250 back into our recently depleted emergency fund, which took a beating while I wasn’t working during exams. I must admit, it was nice to be able to focus on my exams and know we had a small reserve of cash to help get us through. Anyway, I am very pleased with Christmas 2007, which might actually be sweeter this year than ever!


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