It’s raining money … but the plug isn’t in

Well, I have to admit that just when I feel like chucking all this debt repayment stuff in, something seems to come along and save me. Fresh off the little tiff with my hubby, we managed to find relatively affordable flights and it’s all set for him to go away for his friend’s birthday.Then we went shopping yesterday for new eye glasses. I was really busy with my very wriggly 2-year-old son, and so my hubby went off with the consultant himself. I was pretty surprised that the glasses, after insurance rebates and a 50% discount off the frames, still cost $225! I was expecting about $100, $150 at the outside. I asked my husband about the details. Eventually I asked him what kind of lenses he was offered, and he said he got non-reflective lenses. I was exasperated when I told him that was why they ended up costing so much. He countered with the argument that she had asked him whether he wanted standard or non-reflective but he didn’t realise there was a price difference. Here is where we are fundamentally different. I ALWAYS ask about price. I know they don’t offer extras out of the goodness of their hearts. Look, he will probably keep these glasses in good condition for 4-5 years while I tend to lose or break my glasses within a year, so I can’t really complain. And even at this higher-than-expected price, he uses them every day at work, so it’s not a huge outlay in the scheme of things. If I’d been there, I might even have suggested getting the better lenses. I just find it hard to fathom why he doesn’t ask about these things! Anyway, we had another little argument, where he said it feels like no matter how much money we bring home, we never seem to break free from worrying about it. To this I countered: we are actually doing well, but we are maximizing our debt repayment. Once that is done, our lifestyle will relax. And I have to admit I was a little shirty about him crying `poor me’ when just the day before we managed to get him to his mate’s party. Aaargh! Anyway, we sorted it out and he apologized!

Anyway, on a good note, I did some casual work for my university recently, and I got paid for it yesterday, just in time to cover the flights for my husband’s trip, so that is obviously good news. At least our CCs and emergency fund remain untouched!

And I checked the balance on my pension plan the other day, and realized it is now valued  at just under $30,000 (up from $24,000 about 18 months ago). That’s not bad, is it? Of course I can’t touch that money for another 30 years but still – it’s a good base for compound interest to work its magic over …

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  1. JvW said

    Some people are just spenders. My husband can be the same way at times, but we eventually bring them around 🙂

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