Smoking rings?

I was talking to a patient today and while I examined her I couldn’t help but notice the three gigantic diamond rings on her right hand. They were eye-poppingly big, so I couldn’t help but comment on how lovely they were (read: expensive).

`Yes’, she said. `They’re my smoking rings.’

Well, this had me intrigued. I mean, I’ve heard of smoking jackets but …

She continued, obviously used to telling the tale. `When I quit smoking 11 years ago, I vowed to put every dollar I saved into a big diamond ring. We’d never been able to afford a nice one before.’

Two of the rings had five large diamonds in a row, while the third had one big jawbreaker in the centre. She clearly had been saving a long time, so I asked her what kind of ring she was saving for next.

She just looked at me. `Oh no honey, I managed to save enough to buy these in the first year.’

I was dumbfounded. There was no doubt these jewels were real, and even though cigarettes are hugely expensive in Australia, she must have been one heck of a smoker to pay for those rings in just 12 months.

I couldn’t help but think: By all means, I would have bought the first mega-ring (hey, it’s better than puffing your money away!). But after that, I would have moved on to a share portfolio, or maybe some travel. Hey, maybe she had enough free cash to do these as well. However, my choices are not hers, so good on her for kicking the habit. I just hope she doesn’t get mugged!

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  1. That is hilarious! What an idea…she knows what motivates her, and that’s half the battle, right? Awesome.

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