A move to frugality

Well, it’s not like we are big spenders right now, so don’t let that heading fool you. But there are places in our budget where we could make some changes.

For example, I budget $200/week for food. Often we only spend $150. So I often just let the other $50 fritter away … on nothing. It’s like it’s not real money!

And we can be a bit poor about stuff like leaving the aircon on long after it’s cooled down at night, and generally acting as though money doesn’t matter when it comes to utilities. That’s okay but then I wonder why I fret for hours trying to figure out how to make more money when I’m not necessarily making the most of what we’ve got.

I’m currently trying to jazz up our interiors but am aiming to spend as little as possible. I had budgeted to buy a new corkboard and some photo frames for my son’s room. Then  I realised that I already had both of these at home. All I needed to do was paint the frames yellow and I’d have exactly what I wanted to buy for my son. And I could just wrap some fabric around the corkboard (which is falling apart right now) and hammer the frame back on, then jazz the whole thing up up with some animal motifs. Perfect!

Over the next week or so, I’ll show you the changes I make with a small amount of cash. This is all to coincide with my little one’s move into a bed this weekend! A big change deserves a few extra touches to make his room extra special!

… But not at all costs! I am going to monitor my spending a little closer and see where things can change in my regular expenditure.

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