So Sick gets a makeover

Well, here is my new look. I’m not sure if I like it yet but I do like the fact that each section of the blog is more well-defined than it was in the old design, and perhaps a little easier to read. I’ll stick with this for a while and see what I think in a month or so.

We’ve had a little budget meltdown this week. After getting paid on Thursday, it only took till Friday afternoon for our account to be completely empty! Of course all the bills had been paid, and food and fuel had been purchased but still … normally our fun money gets strung along a little longer than that. I had bought a few little items and so had my husband … we just didn’t realise we were both doing it! Says a lot for communication, doesn’t it. Not sure if we will get through the week without clawing a little back from the billpaying account. However, it interests me how little of a `big deal’ this is. While I never like to go over budget, the fact is we have an emergency fund and a billpaying account, both of which have just over $1000 in them. So we can definitely juggle a bit and pay back the money over the next few pays.

In fact, this gives me an idea for my next post. In the coming days I’ll discuss my billpaying account, how it works and what it includes. We have operated this account since before we got married in 2002, and it has always been a great way of keeping us out of trouble.


  1. the1chery said

    i love the new look! its very crisp and clean and original. i havent seen another like it!

  2. debtfretter said

    Thanks the1chery!
    It is growing on me. I just wish the font size was a little bigger. But we all should refresh occasionally and make a change!
    Thansk for reading!

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