Extra job?

Some opportunities have come up at the university to tutor other students, mostly in small group scenarios. Some of the opportunities include regular weekly hours, while others are one-off teaching events of three hours or so. This kind of work has so many benefits:

1) helps me build links to other year groups and builds my teaching skills

2) helps me get to know medical and administration staff at the university – always good

3) Gives me a chance to revise stuff I should know – and get paid for it!

4) It looks good on my CV and counts as me having completed extra professional development requirements on this year’s assessment (= better marks!)

5) It’s a job where I can more legitimately be away from the wards during the day because it is the university employing me to tutor students

and lastly …


I’ve done tutoring before for the university so I have a good chance of being selected. I think the pay is about $30/hour, with at least a couple of hours’ work a week or more. Every bit helps!

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