An inspiring post from The Butler Project

I am going to add a blog to my Blog Roll called The Butler Project. I have to say there are some amazing posts on this site, including this amazing interview with a millionaire furniture store owner.  This post is so inspiring!

This guy, MR, has just done the hard yards over the years to get where he is today. His strategy has been plain – pay off debt quickly then do as he and his wife did – `save like bandits’.  Don’t invest in stuff you don’t understand. Look for opportunities in everything.

Honestly, go and have a look at this two-part interview transcript. Others might prefer a different approach but you can’t knock what this guy has achieved.


  1. Breaking free from debt is anything but complicated. It is slow drudge work that with patience and organization can work miracles. Inspiring it is. Thanks for the link.

  2. Mark said

    Thanks for the link love! I’m really glad you felt as inspired by MR’s experience as we were. You’ll find at least two or three of those kinds of interviews on the site each week, so feel free to stop back by.

    Thanks again!

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