Who knows if this will work?

Well, a few days have gone by and the storm has blown over, though our resolve hasn’t. We are still very sure we will be moving out in the near future, though it looks like my hubby and those around us have brokered a short-term deal.

We sat my FIL down and explained the lay of the land. We laid it all out on the table – and I think it was the first time he realised we were serious about what we need … and that we really were planning to leave.

Then my sister-in-law dropped over and took him for a drive. She laid it all out on the table too, about the few options he has if we can’t stay. And I know a few of his friends have gently nudged him to think about what we’re asking for and why we might feel the way we do.

Then finally my husband sat him down again and outlined once again everything we thought, but this time we focused on why we thought the changes could actually be good for him.

It sounds like we may be getting somewhere. However, we’ve been at this point before and – partly becuase we didn’t keep the pressure on – it all fell in a heap.

So in other words, my FIL has agreed to the changes we had sought, but we have not yet agreed that this means we will stay long term. If it all works and he sticks to his end of the bargain, we will seriously consider staying. But if everything just goes back the way it was, well, we know we did everything we could but it’s time to go. We’ll probably give this 4-6 months, and see how it works out. It’ll be a lot less than that if it becomes clear it’s not working.

The other thing is,  we have convinced him to start planning for the future. We may have to move for work in the future and so, he needs to start looking around now at the retirement home options regardless of whether or not we stay for the short term. That way, if things do end up needing to change drastically, he has somewhere to go.

So all this means I will keep up the debt repayment effort but will also need to boost our EF a bit faster in case we need to move. I guess that’s all we can do.



  1. Dolly Iris said

    Well I am glad to hear you were able to come to an agreement. If you can learn to coexist together in the house I think its a great situation in the long run for both sides.
    I admire your commitment to your FIL and wish you the best with this situation.

  2. You might want to focus more on saving cash at this time rather than accelerating your debt repayment in case you need to move quickly. If that happens you’ll probably need the access to cash to assist with all those little things that come up with a move.

  3. debtfretter said

    @ Dolly – thanks for your kind wishes – we’ll do our best!
    @ GOOD Squirrel – I agree, and have been thinking this might have to be the new priority. It’s hard to let go of that aim, but since I track our Net Worth, I’ll be able to see progress even if our debt doesn’t keep reducing!

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