The plan for the move …

OK, so now we have to figure out how this move is going to work. First of all, here’s a scan of our finances:

  • $1012 in our EF
  • $1025 in our bill paying account
  • Able to save $500/week till we move

So then, there’s the new digs. We have put in an application in for either of two houses that are not yet vacant. Both have three bedrooms, airconditioning and polished floors but one is $AUS320 (available next week) and the other is $340/wk (available early May). We prefer the second house – it is nicer and the long lead-in gives us time to save our bond and some of the expenses of moving.

We have had some good luck: just as we are now moving out from here, my mother happens to be downsizing from her home into a much smaller unit in the city. She has collected some beautiful furniture over the years, very little of which is going to fit into her new home, so guess who is going to be the recipient of much of it? Amongst these items is a beautiful Balinese carved wooden day bed, which she has given me as an early graduation present. Needless to say I am thrilled. But we will also be able to benefit from a lovely comfortable couch, a dining table with some old but nice chairs, a desk, an outdoor table setting, some basic storage units and a heap of small decorative items. We’ll also receive a heap of plants to spruce up our back patio (really just a square of paving). We got rid of a lot of our basic items when we moved in here a few years ago, so it is fantastic that we won’t feel the need to go buying `stuff’ to fill our new place (we won’t really have the money to do that anyway!). The only thing we will need is a washing machine, but we may be able to use some funds from our billpaying account for this.

So anyway, it seems like we will have the cash to pay for our bond and our first 2 weeks of rent (needed in advance), plus all costs related to the joint party we are having in May. We shouldn’t need to cut in to our EF – fingers crossed!

Our debt repayment schedule is going back to basics (just over minimum payments on the car loan), but I am hoping the lump sums I had planned to use to boost our emergency fund later in the year can instead be used to wipe out this debt. And just to feel like we are getting somewhere, we will put $20 a week towards the EF once we are settled in.

 It is disappointing to halt our quickie debt repayment system but I am confident we’ll find alternative ways to cut the debt … if a little more slowly than we had planned.


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