Time of upheaval

Well I’ve been quiet for a week … so you know there’s been so much upheaval that it isn’t worth doing updates because everything could change at any moment.

However, I can say that we have been trialling new living arrangements while we wait for the house we like to come available. We’re still saving to move, but we are already over the moon with the effort my FIL has made. I don’t think he’s ever been forced to consider other people’s needs before in this way. But he has made a huge effort to give us some privacy (one of the big problems before) and has been stellar in his attempts to reconcile the situation.

However, there are 4 weeks to go till we can sign on to move into the house, so there is plenty of time for the honeymoon period to wear off.

If things stay like this? …. I’d be more than happy to stay.

I’m not getting my hopes up yet though.


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