Credt card offer

I received a letter from my credit card company that made me smile:

“We’ve noticed you haven’t been using your credit card much lately. We were wondering if maybe it was because you need a boost to your credit limit. How does $10,000 sound?”

And so it went on in the conversational tone that this particular company loves to use. The limit increase is pre-approved so all I’d need to do would be send back the bottom portion of the page.

Funnily enough I HAVE been using my card a lot but always making immediate repayments the same day. They just haven’t been making any money out of me, and therein lies their problem!

The letter made me smile because it even offered me the choice of a `lower limit’ – eg if, say, I didn’t want $10,000 but maybe I wanted $9,000, I would just write $9000 in the space provided.

I thought maybe I should reinterpret that for them and really ask them for a lower limit, say $2000! I’m sure this wasn’t what they had in mind!


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  1. Hhahaha! Thanks for the laugh 🙂 Ive never had that kind of a letter before

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