There goes the emergency fund

Well, it turns out my hubby’s car needs more work and there is now way we will avoid eating in to our emergency fund. Funnily enough, after being so adamant I didn’t want to use that money no matter what, I finally realised that it’s OK to do so. That’s what it’s there for! I had been thinking I would rather put the repairs on the credit card and pay the bill off quickly – how weird is that?

Anyway, things are a bit tight – there’s been a lot of little niggly items lately that have eaten into our budget, and despite only working one shift on my last pay cycle, last week I was determined to pay the full $500 off. We actually ended up going into the red by $7.70 in our operating account because of that (the account fees came due when I wasn’t expecting them) so I probably shouldn’t have pushed things so hard. However, what was worse was that we had our usual $6 monthly account fee, but there was also $18 in non-bank ATM fees! That’s terrible and we will have to get our act together – infact, I’m the worst culprit at this, so it’s my new challenge – ATM fees must be no more than $4 this month.

Anyway, hopefully everything will keep going well. Our home situation is SOOO good now. We are definitely staying and even my FIL is enjoying the new system. We all have our space and we all seem much happier!



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