Tickers are up

So I finally made a visual representation of my debts, savings goals and achievements, courtesy of Ticker Factory. Like it? Meanwhile I also updated the real state of my emergency fund (post-car repairs) and found it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought! I need to find  $470 to get back to where I was (closing in on $1020). Then I’ll change to my next e-fund goal of $5000. I’m feeling good again – I know it’s all in sight.

 Not sure if I am finally catching on about what it means to be frugal, but for the first time I am really thinking about whether or not I need some of the things I want to save for. I still want to do the travel stuff and things related to experiences (like celebrating my graduation) but I’ve been lusting after all this furniture lately, desperately trying to figure out how to afford it. Now I’m thinking: what exactly is wrong with what we’ve got? Sure it’s not my style and it is getting older, but it isn’t shabby and it isn’t awful. It’s probably a bit bland for my taste but there’s plenty of time to express myself in future, when I can afford it. I think I would rather think about doing stuff with my family than buying stuff. Hopefully this feeling won’t pass!




  1. Arual said

    I love your tickers!!! I think they are way funkier than just the bars. ☺

  2. sarah said

    It sounds like you are catching on to the frugal thing…. I’d never thought i was frugal, but discovered after chatting to a work colleague today that it is uncommon to have 50-60K saved by age 25. I guess i was always frugal without realising! (actually i think i might have been a little stingy through my uni years…) Now i’m really concious of it and hubby and i haven’t bought one piece of furniture since we got together 8 years ago (i’m 28 now, and we’re just using all the stuff he bought waaayyy back in the mid nineties!). Now the focus is just on paying off the house pronto and worry about furniture later – if we buy it now it just means that we’d be paying interest on it (effectively) because we’d be drawing down on our mortgage.

    So i guess your situation is similar – until you pay off the last bit of your car loan i definately think its worth holding off – and then you’ll be able to afford something much nice than the stock standard ikea/freedom chipboard stuff!

    well done – your progress has been pretty good – i’ve enjoying reading about it! 🙂

    Glad to hear your house situation is going well too.

  3. debtfretter said

    @Aural – thanks for the positive feedback. I appreciate it!

    @Sarah – Thanks for your comments, it is really great to hear how well you have done at such a young age. I am looking forward to getting rid of this debt, graduating, and making a start on making good financial decisions, rather than just buying stuff, and I really have this blog and its commentators to thank for allowing me to grow enough to see that.
    I could probably argue that being a student until I got to this point has helped me because otherwise I might have already bought too much house than I can afford, or racked up even more debt than I had. So, there may be some upsides to years of studenthood (besides eventual job satisfaction). Thanks again!

  4. Love the tickers !! 🙂

  5. bouncing betty said

    The tickers look great. Yeah, it’s tough, new furniture, expanded savings, enjoying graduation, expanded savings…the choices we ahve to make.

    I think you are doing a great job and you will find the proper balance as to what works for you. Keep it up and enjoy your party

  6. Dolly Iris said

    Ooooh those are so cute! I’m so jealous.. I’ll have to check that site out. Thanks for the link!

    I am in the same boat with furniture! Ours is so ugly and pathetic that people joke about it. For us though we aren’t that concerned because we are going to Australia for a year soon and we don’t want to spend money on furniture just to pay to store it while we are away.

  7. JvW said

    I love your tickers! I am completely going to steal your idea and check out that website for some of my own.

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