Will my net worth drop this month?

I keep track of my net worth on networthIQ, but have never been able to make it public because I opened it with a name that is a bit too … well, public.  One day I intend to transfer the data to my debtfretter moniker but haven’t gotten around to it recently.

Suffice to say, including our retirement accounts, our net worth is $68,195. I have to say, we’ve had a stellar run this year. In January, our net worth rose $3116, and in February it rose $1780. In March it went up about $900 and in April, the amount was $2110. This progress has mostly been due to our efforts to pay $500/week off debt, which is more successful some months than others.

However, we are facing our first ever month where our net worth might drop. When I say `the first time’, I of course only mean since I started keeping track! Before June 2007, our NW dropped all the time – that was the problem!

But this month, car repairs are likely to rob us of most of our emergency fund – our billpaying account (which isn’t included in my net worth figures) just doesn’t have enough to cover it. As well as that, I won’t be contributing to the car loan for the next two weeks as I save for our party costs instead. And clearly, that money won’t contribute to our long-term future!

That still leaves 2 weeks of (hopefully) $500 car loan payments for the month. Plus hopefully I can redo some of the damage to the emergency fund before May is over. I’d like to at least stay stable in our net worth and not go backwards, but I don’t know how possible that is.

One thing I have noticed – as soon as I pay off any debt, I like to update my sidebars on this site. But now that our EF is taking a hit, do you notice I haven’t touched the sidebar to `report’ the damage. Hmmm, pretending the money’s still there doesn’t change reality! I’ll get to it … soon!

By the way, did I happen to mention that I’m SO SICK OF DEBT????




  1. Dolly Iris said

    It really makes a difference when you take charge of your finances and are always aware of where you are with them, eh?

    I think you’re doing great and don’t worry, soon enough that pesky debt will be gone!

  2. All the best in your effort to take control of your personal finances.

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