I’m in withdrawal

For nearly a year I’ve enjoyed spending Thursday nights (pay day) updating my net worth and the sidebars on the right of this page. Tonight*, because of the upcoming party, there’s nothing to report. It feels weird. I know it’s okay, I planned for this and I will enjoy this use of funds, but it irks me not to be saving anything this week. I might just sneak the $100 extra my husband earned this week (for taking a short-term supervisory role) and put it in the account from where our son’s managed fund contribution is drawn. That way we’re ready when it’s due. Even though that’s 3 weeks away, this allows me to feel we at least did something financially `virtuous’ this week!

* If you’re reading this in the States and it’s only Thursday morning, we’re way ahead of you on this side of the world!!

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  1. That’s funny! You’re just like me. I spend every payday updating my balances. I love to see improvements.

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