Still using the credit card

Since I paid off my credit card debt, I haven’t paid any interest. But funnily enough I have used my credit card almost as much as before! I remain focused on paying it off within days of any purchase, but I find that purchasing with the credit card is quick and easy. I know, I know … that’s the idea!

Basically, I don’t use the credit card without having planned to do so, and I am always confident that I can control my behaviour with it. But sometimes my money attitudes seem a bit strange.

For example, say I need to buy an item that will cost $300, and I’ve saved the money in a high-interest account (without debit card access). I can either pay for it with the credit card, then go online and pay it back, or I can transfer the funds from the online account to out working account.

However, if I do the latter, then manage to negotiate on the price, or get a better deal than expected, I have to send some money back to the high-interest account, meaning I have to do everything twice. I might have transferred $300, spent only $230, then had to go and send the $70 back to the high-interest account.

Instead what tends to happen is that the $70 seems like free money to me, and we spend it on something else! Sound familiar? I know, it’s classic credit card behaviour, but using money I’ve saved! How’s that for weird. So I prefer to use the credit card and pay it back. It works for me, but I understand why for others it might not.



  1. It’s not THAT odd 🙂 I do that too.. it’s psychological I think. I use my credit card for everything and it’s when I know I have a budget for it etc.. then I use that budget to pay it off…

  2. I too use my credit card very cautiously. I tend to pay off the money within the grace period and save myself from running into debt. Its basically not that tough to manage a credit card as people think it to be.

  3. debtfretter said

    @Fabulously Broke – yeah I guess it’s human nature.

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