Random stuff

So I have some time to spare so I thought I’d update you on a few fronts. I’m nearly half way through the uni year now so I am nearly a graduate! It is starting to become more real now and I feel a bit more ready to get out there and see if I can do it too. One of the last things I need to do before graduation is an 8-week clinical stint in a small town, working at the hospital there. My family will come with me, meaning we will need to rent somewhere. That’s going to be costly, but we have just gotten some good news that might balance that cost out.  I just found out that my son will be able to `leave’ his daycare centre and come back when our 8 weeks away are up – without having to pay a holding fee. That’s because by then he will be around the age when kids move up to the next level of care. So the director of the childcare centre will allow him to leave the toddler room, and on his return he can `rejoin’ at the kindergarten level (he will be nearly 3 by then). That will save us about $175/week in fees while we are away and is going to make things so much easier. Considering I won’t be working for 8 weeks, that will be really helpful!

Also, I started going to yoga classes about three weeks ago. I received a 6-week beginner course from my husband as my birthday present, and I am enjoying it more each week. It has surprised me to find that I’m relatively strong (more so than you might think by looking at me).  I intend to continue when the course is done, but it will cost $12 a lesson (once a week). It’s probably worth it to have some `me’ time though.

Also, the party that we were contributing to (on behalf of a  relative) was on this week. We had allocated $550, and we ended up placing it on the bar tab. Because it was a 21st, we didn’t know how long it would last (how many people were coming, how much would they drink), but it was actually quite a small function and this amount was just right. The money ran out just as the restaurant started packing up tables and chairs (the universal hint that the night is over!). It was a lovely night and we were really happy to be able to contribute in this way.

Our own party is coming up very soon and happily, the money is ready. The breakdown is as follows:

Party hire: $250 – tables, chairs, linens, glassware

Alcohol: $250 – enough to supply some wine and midstrength beer.

Babysitting: $60 – one of the young women from hubby’s work is a professional baby sitter by night. She will be there to put my son to bed at a reasonable hour and keep an eye on him. Though we will be at home, I think this is a good idea.

Food: $300 – we are making most of the items but this amount includes $100 for some sushi to be made for us. This allows us to offer something hearty for the vegetarians too (and I love sushi!). We are making mini quiches, satay sticks, chicken wings etc.

Miscellaneous: $140 – we need to hire some lighting, buy serviettes, etc. This should be more than covered by the remainder. However, it’s always important to build in some contingency money. I’m starting to get excited about seeing everyone!

Meanwhile, I’m also looking forward to Thursday, when we will get to put the next $500 towards our debt!

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