Oh, my aching head

Well, we hosted our joint birthday party over the weekend and had a blast! It was a wonderful night with good music, plenty of food and good conversation with great friends. At least 20 friends flew in from other cities to attend. We have also had people staying in the house (my sister-in-law and a childhood friend of my husband’s), which has been interesting!

Because we have some very creative friends, two different bands played, and some firedancers we know put on a little show in our backyard. It was a really amazing night.

I actually didn’t do too badly in the hangover department because my son woke up at 2.30 am and I retired for the night to put him back to bed. However, the party continued till 4.30am!! Then a lot of guests came over again from around 8.30am for a `recovery breakfast’. Lucky we weren’t too sick to be up to greet them.

The only part that might be a bit scary is the budget. My husband had a mixup with some lighting I asked him to get, and bought a whole heap of lanterns we didn’t need. I need to see if I can take them back, though I’m a little worried the shop might only offer an exchange. Also, the food seemed to add up to a bit more than I expected. I also over-catered on alcohol and we should now have enough wine in the pantry to last us for a year or so (we don’t drink that often)!

Anyway, once all the receipts are collected I’ll assess the damage. I’ve had to do a bit of extra work as a favour to my boss over the past  week, so I will be bringing home a bit extra and that should cover any shortfall. Anyway, you only turn 30 once (even if mine was really weeks ago), so I don’t regret it causing a little extra financial pain.



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