Inching closer

Another $500 was sent off off to car debt this week – it is nice to have just one debt to focus on. We have $4600 remaining on the car. Yikes! It is getting close. It seems like getting from $10K to $7K took FOREVER but now this last bit is going quite fast. I’ve heard people say you tend to pick up speed as it gets closer and now I know it’s true! 

Disappointingly, despite receiving some extra cash this week, it has to go on paying back an budget overspend from last week. It wasn’t just the party –  we had guests in the house and seemed to be cooking for a lot of people over the week as a whole. It doesn’t matter, but I would really like to try to improve my attempts at frugality in the future. Notice I keep saying that but never doing it? Maybe between full-time study, motherhood and part-time work, I just can’t fit it in. Or maybe, that’s just an excuse. All I know is, I’m happy to be nearly debt-free and I think it would be exciting to speed that process along by whatever means possible.


  1. I totally agree. I pick up a ton of speed now that I know I’m about a month or so away from clearing my one student loan

    It’s going to be such a relief…

  2. Oh and congrats btw…! I really admire your tenacity.

    And don’t beat yourself up. When I get extra cash I find ways to spend it too… expenses. just.. pop up.

  3. debtfretter said

    @Fabulously Broke – thanks for being there to cheer me along. I’ve been checking out your progress lately too and am amazed at how willing you have been to drop your debt. Clearing our your wardrobe must be hard. I don’t think anyone would be too interested in the contents of my wardrobe 🙂 but never the less, I think it’s great you have worked so hard. By the way, I am in the process of adding you to my blog roll.
    Thanks again!

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