A bad night

Well, it has been a big couple of days. I was working at the emergency department last night (on a student rotation) when my brother was brought in by ambulance with recurrent seizures. He has epilepsy and though it’s not uncommon for him to have a seizure, in this case they would not stop and he had 5 in an hour.

Unfortunately, in the chaos he was given a little too much medication, causing him to become unresponsive to the paramedics. Hence, when the paramedics radioed ED staff, they started preparing for a resuscitation situation. I was packed off into a relatives room and they started gowning up and readying the equipment. Luckily by the time he arrived, he had stopped seizing and was able to go to a regular bed.

I have to say it was much worse waiting for his arrival with limited information than it ever has been when I have accompanied him to the hospital. I started to get quite scared and shivery. When mum arrived she said I looked like I was in shock. In any case, he woke up after a few hours and went home later that night. Apparently he appears okay this morning. We are all a bit shaken up though.

Mum rang me this morning and we talked about it and she cried a bit. It’s okay at the time (when the adrenaline is pumping) but in the aftermath you start thinking about the future. My brother’s disability makes it harder to treat his epilepsy, and though he has seen neurologists in the past, he is often a bit too hard to do anything for. So no progress ever gets made.

Anyway, on a slightly more financial note: When mum rang this morning and had recovered sufficiently from our chat, she mentioned how she wants to get her finances in order. This is great news. I have sketchy details (from what she’s said and I’ve seen) that she owes the tax office some money, and has money owing on a few credit cards. She recently sold her house and downsized to an apartment, so she has a reasonable chunk of money from the house sale. She doesn’t know whether to pay off the tax and credit cards, or pay down her mortgage to almost zilch. So she’s asked me go go through some of the details with her. I think it’s great that she is starting to think about all this! She is on a good wage with a car thrown in, so right now she has her best opportunity to get debt free before she retires. She knows she lets money slip through her fingers, and using credit cards for everything is a big part of that. She freely admits that if she sees something she likes, she just buys it. I’m going to have to be careful and not scare her off by suggesting some radical program where she has no money left over after the bills and debts are paid. In fact, she first mentioned this a couple of weeks ago (asking me to help her) and I said I would but I left it at that and didn’t pester her – I didn’t want her to say that to me on a whim and then regret it or not be serious about it.

But she’s mentioned it twice more and so now I’m going to work with her to develop a realistic budget, with plenty of cash left over for fun. Then, having gotten a plan in place (better than none at all) she can see what she is achieving and hopefully get excited enough by her progress to tighten the budget herself in a few months’ time.



  1. I’m so sorry about your brother!! Hope he’s okay.

    But on the financial note – YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WIsh my mom would do that.

  2. Dolly Iris said

    I’m sorry to hear about your brother. When I used to work in pharmacy I would see a lot of people come in very distraught for meds because the local hospital was across the street. Sometimes friends would come in after dealing with some heavy ordeals and it was very hard.

    It’s so nice of you to help your mother out.

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