I want a straightener


I’m in love with ghd straighteners. Clearly, I’m a marketer’s dream client because I have fallen for the hype without actually knowing why they are so good. Unfortunately, I will eventually need to buy a straightener because currently my hair (which is chemically straightened) has some very ugly regrowth!

But I am nearly debt free and can’t bear to derail progress for a `want’. When I checked the balances today, I quickly transferred the mega car payment without thinking about it too much. So now I have no choice till next Thursday (when hopefully I do the same thing!

Perhaps if some unexpected money comes along … If so, I have researched the options and have picked out a cheaper brand of straightener. The salon I occasionally go to uses this brand, and they tell me it is just as good, if not better.

Oh, this debt is like a shackle.  And I am  going to be FREE of it soon! But I am well aware it’s not going to be all pedicures and massages once it’s done.


  1. SavingDiva said

    I have one of the cheapie ones from Target (about $25), but it’s ceramic. I like it a lot…it works well and is inexpensive.

  2. unknowntheartist said

    The ceramic straighteners are the best and I have tried a few (Remington, Vidal Sassoon- 3 different ones and Bayliss) but GHD has done wonders for me. It’s thin enough to get to the more difficult parts of your hair and is easy to hold. I know it’s expensive but I saved up for a few weeks and have had it for over 3 years now and have not needed a replacement. It was definitely a quality investment for me.

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