Not much to report

Well, there really isn’t. We used up our fun  money on Thursday night when we took our son to the circus. That was quite good fun, but we went a little crazy on drinks, popcorn and doughnuts (which none of us needed!). he had a great time, but we could have been more responsible with our spending.

Then my husband over-spent on our grocery budget, but I couldn’t complain because he had obtained the recipe for a meal from the chef and owner of our favourite restaurant. We don’t go out often enough for him to know us as customers but a family friend works in the kitchen and we met the chef at a function. He offered it to us after finding out what big fans we are. Anyway, he made this duck meal, and it was heavenly. So we had a little bit of luxury at home. Unfortunately, buying a lot of the pastes and other items needed for the recipe made this week’s food budget expensive, but I guess they’ll last in the pantry for some time.

The upshot is that we are down to only a few dollars with 4 days in the week to go! Hopefully, we won’t need anything much till Thursday!


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  1. Dolly Iris said

    Oh well for the fun money… thats what its for. It sounds like it was a great memory for you and your son 🙂

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