I’m going to China!

 I just received some really exciting news. Because I am doing Honours as part of my degree, I’m completing a medical research project. A few months ago, my supervisor sent an abstract (or summary) of my work for presentation at the annual conference of the international organisation for this particular medical field.

Well, I just heard back this week that my abstract was accepted for a poster presentation. This means I put the details into a poster and it is displayed with hundreds of others outside the conference meeting rooms. As author, I will be there to discuss my research with specialist doctors and researchers.

And guess where the conference is being held this year? China! This is so exciting!

The second bit of news is the important one. I separately heard this week that my medical school has awarded me a prize to pay for $2500 of the cost of attending this conference. That includes flights, accommodation and registration fees. So I can actually afford to go!  

So I will be away from my family for a few days in September, unless we can figure out a way to afford for them to come. We’ll see what happens there. But in the meantime … YAY! 




  1. louise said

    wow! congratulations! you can’t beat a trip that someone else pays for.

  2. CONGRATS!! I love free trips. Hence why I love travelling as a consultant LOL

  3. debtfretter said

    Thanks Louisa and Miss Fabulous,
    I agree – it’s going to be really exciting and a good pay-iff for all the work!

  4. Dolly Iris said

    What an amazing award! Congratulations!!

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  6. milly said

    You‘re really great!Congratulations!

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