Soon we’ll have to stop eating

Hubby went grocery shopping this morning and I just happened to check our balance just now. Yikes, we spent $235 on our weekly food shop (though admittedly we didn’t shop properly at all last week)!

I’m sensing (based on other bloggers’ published food bills) that for a family of three adults and a kid, $235 seems very high. And it is, even by my regular budgeted $200 max standards. But even that $200 figure seems much higher than other people’s.

For one thing, I’m not sure that the currencies/food prices in the US and Australia stack up in a similar way. Also, from what I’ve read and seen, in Australia we generally don’t seem to buy as much cheap, processed food as some Americans (not all!). This focus on lots of fruit and vegetables, and fresh meat or seafood, might account for our higher food budget. Or we might just be a family of piggies!

The other thing is, we don’t eat out at night except on very special occasions, so we spend a little more on making nice meals at home. And in Australia, we don’t have a coupon system. We just check catalogues for the specials if we want to cut our food budgets.

Am I just justifying our food spending? Well yeah, a bit. I keep meaning to work on a way to cut our grocery spending but it never seems to happen. I think my focus is on other ways of cutting debt, and at the moment this is in the too-hard basket. That’s OK, because my hubby is going to step up to the plate. He is going to watch the budget a little more closely next week, and also says he wants to start planning meals a week in advance to ensure we only buy what we need (he’s the cook in our house). So I really am happy to leave this part of our budget and lifestyle in his hands.


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  1. debtdieter said

    I’ve come to conclusion that we can’t compare our food bills with the average American or Canadian. Our food costs more and we don’t have the whole coupon system they do. Not to mention they haven’t been in drought for the last however many years we have.

    I reckon the closest we can compare is doing your entire shop at Aldi’s?

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