Creating abundance?

Millionaire Mommy Next Door has invited readers and other bloggers to participate in a 30-day abundance exercise. The basis for the challenge is the same principle that guides The Secret, the bestseller that talks about creating abundance via the Law of Attraction (ie that you attract what you want into your life, whether that be good or bad things).

I don’t think I’m much of a fan of The Secret, if only because it doesn’t really say anything specific. But reading it does create a good feeling in the reader about what’s possible in life, and that can be a strong motivating force. I have long believed that your attitude can make a big difference to what you attract into your life (though I’m not sure it works as specifically as really wanting a diamond necklace so much that you will eventually have it!).

That said, not long after I read The Secret, I decided to give its principles a go. Specifically I wanted to attract more money into my life. I regulate my money very tightly, so I couldn’t see where some random cheque was going to come from. Three nights in a row, I spent 20 minutes in our spare room – I picked a very specific number based on the plans I had and basically I meditated positive feelings about money. I imagined having that $55,000 and the things I would do with it.
After three days, $125 appeared in my account. I had no clue where it came from. I checked with the bank, and it turned out it was a sweetener the government gives to parents who have fully immunised their children. I usually am well aware of such things, so this was a nice surprise. So I kept the meditation up for two more nights. On the Friday, we received an unexpected cheque in the mail for $55 from a lottery syndicate. We didn’t know we’d won anything until then.

Now I’m not saying those things wouldn’t have happened anyway, but it was pretty mindblowing that both things happened in just those few days I was asking the universe for money! 

Interestingly enough, I stopped doing the meditations that Friday. Who knows what that says about my feelings about money. Needless to say, I haven’t attracted a $55,000 lump sum into my life. But then that wasn’t what I meditated or asked for (ie a lump sum). I just asked for the amount. What would have happened if I’d kept going each night? Maybe I would have been snowflaked $55,000! 🙂

In any case, I’m always one for imagining how I’d spend my money, so I’m going to participate in MMND’s latest blog challenge. The idea is to blog daily about an amount you’d like to attract into your life, and what you would spend it on. The amount doubles daily and you can’t repeat an item you’d like over the course of the month.

Next the plan is to mention the things you are grateful for on that particular day.

Thirdly, MMND is going to document a novel idea for how to make the amount of money, and I’ll see how I go with that part of the challenge too.

I’m running a day behind MMND, so here goes:

DAY 1: $100

What I’d spend it on:

  • a comfortably cuddly new doona to wrap my family in each morning

How I could afford it:

  • Do an extra shift at my part-time job (a bit of a cop-out but it’s going to get harder so I’ll start with an easy way!)

What I’m grateful for today:

  • The staff at my little boy’s non-profit kindy, who came to help at a working bee today
  • My husband’s kind nature
  • Being able to wear just a shirt and jeans at this time of year (winter in Australia!) because of our beautiful sunny climate

So thre you go. Join in if you feel like it by posting a comment at Millionaire Mommy Next Door or by blogging about it. By day 30, the amount to spend is $53 billion! Sounds a bit ridiculous – I thought of changing the starting point to make the end point smaller, but why not plan how to spend $53 billion? I’m sure together we’ll be able to think of a lot of good things we could do for ourselves and others.

PS: MMND admitted this experiment might challenge our usually frugal habits. I mean, many of us avoid the stores to avoid temptation. Will it do more harm than good to think of all these things we can’t afford (yet!)? Maybe, but I’m willing to give it a try anyway.



  1. Awesome. Thanks for joining in! I can’t wait to see the results of everyone’s collective abundance brainstorming and thankfulness! I appreciate the insightful comments in your post.

  2. Dolly Iris said

    Interesting post. I may check into that when I have some time. My sister just recently lent me the movie but I haven’t had the time to watch it.

  3. The Secret movie was an awesome example of how the law of attraction can summon the universal powers to manifest people situations and material things into your life.

    All of the presenters had compelling stories that described in detail how their lives changed once they applied the secret principals.

    I watched the movie several times only to discover the secret was never revealed nor did they explain how to actually make the law of attraction work in your favor.

    I searched for a year and finally discovered exactly how the secret law of attraction works.

    Anybody can put the principals to work for them and change their life dramatically in a short period of time.

    It’s true, they are laws and they work all the time but its your choice to make them work for you and not against you.

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