The cheque cleared

Unfortunately, I have a daily transfer limit from my everyday account of $500, so I’ll have to do the other $50 tomorrow. So my car debt stands at $3550. It’s nice to see such a significant jump down, after the dodgy month I had in May.

If everything works out, I could be debt free by Thursday next week! Or payment for my uni work will be late and I won’t be :(. At least I know it’s just this week and next week left, where money towards the car actually has to come out of our paycheques.

On Thursday this week I’m going to be paying $700 off the debt, instead of my usual $500. I did an extra shift at work last week, so that will help, and I was able to crunch the buddget a bit more. So this is how the last of the debt should pan out:

  • tomorrow – salary ($50) – new balance $3500
  • Thursday – salary ($700) – new balance $2800
  • Next week – health insurer cheque ($2100) – new balance $700
  • Net week – salary ($300) – new balance $400
  • Next week – tutoring ($450*) – new balance -$50
  • Next week – monthly interest ($50) – new balance $0

* I’m actually going to get paid more than this, so I need to figure out where that should go – I suspect, it will be straight into the empty emergency fund.

Of course, the interest will vary a bit from the amount above but I can deal with that. This is all pretty exciting! I WILL SOON BE DEBT FREE!

 And with that, it’s time to move on to day 2 of the abundance challenge with Millionaire Mommy Next Door.

Day 2: $200

How I would spend it:

  • cushions for the Balinese day bed my mum gave me – $100
  • cushions for the bed in the spare room – $100

How I could make it:

  • sell some of my boy’s baby things, including a kids’ dresser we no longer need

What I’m grateful for today:

  • having a safe place to live
  • the way my mum, dad and I call each other every day
  • enjoying my work and study

This is fun! Maybe I’ll even act on some of these early wants – but only if my method of paying for it is above and beyond my budgeted income!

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