I spent WAAY too much

I did – I was bad … but I’m not sorry! I spent $115 on a gorgeous felt rabbit toy and baby blanket for a friend, who is due to deliver any day now. For that princely sum, the gift will be wrapped (as per my wrap selection) and arrive by courier in two days time. I feel like it was worth it. What often used to happen was that I spent days searching the shops for something to give, before struggling down to the post office and trying to find a presentable way to send the item. Often I would never get it done and the special time would come and go with nothing done on my behalf. I don’t sned many gifts – I don’t give my girlfriends one every birthday or anything like that.

But now and then I like to splash out on something really special for my friends or family. I have made room in the budget for this and to do it online meant it was done in a jiffy. To me, this is the aspect of carrying low and/or no debt that I like most – the ability to allocate funds to be extravagant or generous when I really want to.

My friends went through a lot of heartache to get pregnant and this is SUCH a momentous occasion. I am so, so happy for them :).


  1. JvW said

    That’s the whole point of getting out of debt – having money to do things like this. Good for you and congrats to your friends!

  2. Dolly Iris said

    I totally understand why you would spend extra on an occasion like this. My best friend is prego right now and I hope to buy her a $100 savings bond for her baby. Along the way (she’s due in December) I have been picking up little things I see like sleepers that are amazing deals to also give her. We don’t spend a lot on each others birthdays but a new addition to the family is always a special event worthy of extra $$

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