My, my … what a cute little debt you are!

So close to being free

I’ve got that song from Flor Rida in my head – well, just the important part – `Low, low, low, low’.
My debt is looking positively teensy these days thanks to an overnight injection of funds – it now sits at just $2600 – YAHOO!!

I can’t believe it’s nearly here. If everything goes to plan we’ll be debt free this time next week. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll be debt free this time next fortnight. I wonder if I’ll shed a tear?

I know I live in Australia so I can’t go on The Dave Ramsay Show but I might just have to yell `I’m Debt Free!!’ from all the way over here – maybe you’ll hear me.



  1. JvW said

    That’s fantastic! I’ll hear you all the way over here in the States. And I love love love that you said “fortnight”.

    You could always submit your story to Dave Ramsey’s website, too.

  2. Dolly Iris said

    Amazing! You have really kicked debt in the behind! I can’t wait to hear about your debt freedom happy dance šŸ˜‰

  3. @ JvW – thanks for all your support – I think I will submit to Dave; it will feel so good!
    @ Dolly – you are so wonderful to be supportive. I know you’ve got a lot going on right now so it is pretty amazing you can still find time to cheer on others!

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