Debt freedom delayed

OK so I have a couple of updates that will mean I definitely won’t be debt free this week, nor probably next week! According to the website, the cheque we’re to receive from our health insurer won’t be posted until June 30. I’ll have to receive it, bank it and transfer the money before it hits my actual debt, meaning we will be well into July before we’re actually debt free.

Similarly, my last tutoring pay cheque (which is covering about $200 of the debt remainder) won’t be paid till next Thursday. So … it’s just not happening yet.

I’m strangely OK with that. I’m still happy because I just have to come up with $300 from my salary this week and that’s it from our regular income! The rest of the debt can wait until the money is here. I’ve budgeted some money to celebrate debt freedom this week but I may have to delay spending that for a few weeks. Perhaps I could hide the money in the billpaying account for safekeeping.

I’ve also been rethinking how we might really celebrate debt freedom. I was thinking of doing something more romantic and less spending-oriented than dinner out to celebrate (seems appropriate).

We have this beautiful bottle of red wine that a friend gave us – maybe we should go for a picnic somewhere nice. We have our little boat so maybe we could find a beach somewhere nearby and stop in together with a picnic basket. It could be fun. Or we could go for a drive up to the mountains nearby. There are drink-driving issues with both of those scenarios though ….

Hmmm … this will need a bit of thought.

Meanwhile, I’m running behind on the abundance challenge. We had gotten to $3200 and I had been struggling to think of how to pay for it. Notice inmy last post,  I actually trailed off mid-sentence and forgot to fix it!!

Anyway, I’ll move on to $6400. I would spend this on the Australian must-do experience: A trip to the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse. I love racing and especially glamming up and putting my ($5) bet down in the betting ring. I’d buy a divine hat to complement my outfit and we’d have a fantastic time watching the race that stops a nation.

How would I pay for it? This is starting to get really hard (and it’s only early). Trying to think  of a way to cram more activities into my already over-the-top schedule is a bit depressing. I’m going to continue to post what I want and what I’m grateful for each day, and if I manage to think of a brainwave about how to pay for it, I’ll add that too!

So … what am I grateful for today?

  • my supportive friends from uni
  • my mum, who always jumps to help me any way she can



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